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Ready-Mixed Concrete Plymouth

Save yourself the time and hard graft of mixing your own concrete and instead opt for ready-mixed concrete in Plymouth and throughout South Devon. We use quality, locally sourced aggregates combined with admixtures and fibres to create a unique, fit for purpose and made to order blend. We can offer expert advice on the correct composition for your concrete depending on your construction plans. Furthermore, with an impressive 7-metre reach from our volumetric mixers, in most cases, we can deliver your concrete directly to the site location. Awkward access? No problem, we can deliver your concrete directly to dumpers or even wheelbarrows for easy transit.

So, for concrete delivered direct to both private and commercial building sites, get in touch today.

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Why Choose Ready-Mixed Concrete?

Ready-mixed concrete is practical and simple. It removes the need for multiple deliveries of sand, cement and aggregate and you won’t be left with surplus ingredients to dispose of. Not to mention, our ready-made deliveries can be used for:

Ready-Mix Concrete Blends

In addition to creating the perfect combination of cement, sand and locally sourced aggregates, we also have a range of admixtures and fibres available on request, including:

Volumetric Mixers

Volumetric mixers are compartmentalised mixers mounted on the back of an HGV. The separate compartments contain all the individual ingredients needed to produce concrete. These ingredients can then be accurately measured and combined in yet another area of the mixer for a unique blend and precise quantity. This process allows Mix 2 Match to deliver you exactly what you need, where you need it and at optimum freshness. As a result, this both reduces our waste and improves the quality of your build. Not to mention, this also enables us to deliver multiple blends during one delivery.

Locally Sourced Aggregates

We firmly believe in supporting all local businesses. Therefore, we are proud to deliver only locally sourced aggregates to all our customers. All our aggregates are provided by quarries throughout the South Devon region. Knowing the origin of our materials offers us, and you, full peace of mind that our ready-mix concrete is of the best quality.

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